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[resume_group title=”Employment”]
[history_unit position=”Lead UX Designer” company=”Apple Inc.” year=”2011 - Present”]Worked in so many projects for best clients around the world and i get so many experiences based on my job.[/history_unit]
[history_unit position=”Game Designer” company=”Ubizoft Inc.” year=”2007 - 2011″]Also i have designed levels of some cool games everyone plays.[/history_unit]
[history_unit position=”Web Developer” company=”Web Agency” year=”2004 - 2007″]Worked in so many projects for best clients around the world.[/history_unit]
[resume_group title=”Education”]
[history_unit position=”Phd Computer Science” company=”MIT” year=”2000 - 2002″]Studied Phd. in MIT on Computer Science.[/history_unit]
[history_unit position=”Physics” company=”Princeton University” year=”1996 - 2000″]I get my Bachelor Degree in Princeton University.[/history_unit]
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[resume_group title=”Development Skills”]
[skill_unit progress=”100″]HTML5[/skill_unit]
[skill_unit progress=”50″]CSS3[/skill_unit]
[skill_unit progress=”70″]jQuery[/skill_unit]
[skill_unit progress=”100″]WordPress[/skill_unit]
[resume_group title=”Design Skills”]
[skill_unit progress=”90″]Fireworks[/skill_unit]
[skill_unit progress=”60″]Photoshop[/skill_unit]
[skill_unit progress=”40″]Illustrator[/skill_unit]

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